Blue Ridge Bucha

I was lucky enough to photograph Kate and Ethan's wedding 5 years ago. It's an honor to continue photographing their growing family and business, the newly renamed Blue Ridge Bucha! Check out some more fun pictures over on their site!

Spring in the garden

For gardeners, Spring time is like Christmas and your 21st birthday rolled into one. We're all buzzing around excitedly, stumbling through starting seeds, giving each other knowing nods over a beautiful pepper start, drooling at the thought of the first fresh pea, and buying dizzying amounts of mulch! It's hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago we were daydreaming our way through the pages of seed catalogs and cursing some late-season snow. During our last bout with the white stuff, Jenny Sioux Hopkins of Big Arms Farm welcomed me into her seed-starting operation in North Garden.

The joys of spring

Daffodils, warmer temperatures (well, not this year), the return of the farmers' market, and fresh asparagus! I had a chance to photograph Edible Blue Ridge's cover piece on asparagus this past month, and it was a nice little preview of spring meals to come!

Polyface Farm for Edible Blue Ridge

I had the honor of spending a rainy spring morning with Joel Salatin while he showed me around his farm. My camera bag has never been muddier.

Caromont Girls

Looking forward to working with these gals (and the humans) at Caromont Farm!