Jennifer and Ivan -- Charlottesville Wedding -- The Southern

Jennifer and Ivan met at rock show at The Southern, he was the cute guy sitting at the table next to his, she was the beautiful, amazing woman who he couldn't stop thinking about. When they were planning their wedding, they tracked down the band who had played that night, The Love Language, and booked The Southern for their big day. It made for an unforgettable, rock & roll wedding.

The Blue Ridge Oyster Festival

We're very excited about the Blue Ridge Oyster Festival!  The event, Saturday, April 23 at Devils Backbone Brewery, is going to be a fantastic party. I had a great time and learned a lot on this shoot. Did you know each oyster filters up to 50 or 60 gallons of water a day? Oyster aquaculture may be the only widely accepted form of farming that actually improves the environment!

Sam Wilson

I hung out with Sam Wilson a bit on a video shoot. He's an amazing guitar player and talented song writer.